paysafecard now also available in Canada

We are delighted to announce that our product paysafecard is now also available in Canada. With about 27 million Internet users and a user rate of more than 80%, Canada is one of the top 20 “Internet Nations”. Therefore, entering the Canadian market is a logical step for us as part of our international expansion.

With the launch in Canada, we continue the development of non-European markets which began in 2009 in Argentina, followed by Mexico and the United States.

Canada still has enormous potential for prepaid payment solutions. Security concerns are still holding off many consumers from purchasing online. paysafecard as a prepaid means of payment now fills this gap. Canada is also a highly developed market for online games. According to the Entertainment Software Association of Canada, 59 per cent of Canadians play browser games and console games on the Internet.

Online games have always been an important market for paysafecard. Especially when it comes to smaller amounts such as micropayments, paysafecard is simply the ideal solution as it doesn’t charge any fees to the consumer and it’s easy to use, fast, and secure.

We are constantly expanding our network of retail outlets – in new and existing markets. In Canada, we managed to team up with big distribution partners right from the start. This also speaks for the high potential for prepaid products in Canada. At its launch, paysafecard is available in 22,000 retail outlets across the country.

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  1. I have gone to various Gateway Newsstands and they do not know what I am talking about. The Paysafecard website lists Gateway and the locations that are supposed to be able to issue it, but nobody seems to know what it is.

    • Hi Thomas,
      Gateway Newsstands have recently selling paysafecard PINs so it might be possible that the sellers are not aware of paysafecard yet. It would be great if you could tell us the exact locations of the outlets so that we can contact them to solve the problem. In the meantime you can find alternative outlets here.
      Your paysafecard Team

  2. Let me tell you my experience with buying the Paysafe card. I went the the website of Paysafe, found the local sellers in Ottawa. They are ESSO gas stations. When I went to one of the gas station listed on the website of Paysafe, the attendant had no idea about it! So I had to go back home to print 2 pieces of paper. One shows locations of Paysafe sellers (to persuade the gas station attendants they have it) and one picture of Paysafe card voucher sale guide (you’ll find it in its website HELP menu ->Buying Paysafe card PINS ->#3 ). Then I came back and show the attendant (actually he was the station manager). After playing with buttons of his cashier machine, he issued a voucher with PaySafe card PIN number for me.

    Note: you have to pay the fee (3.95CND for value 30CND, I’m not sure the same fee or different if you buy other values), good only for 18 months, the you have to pay 2.50CND monthly to maintain. It will be deducted directly from your balance.

  3. To verify: according to Netload team, Canadian Paysafe card is not working because of Paysafe itself, it’s not because of Netload

    • Got this error message from netload when using a paysafe card:
      The PIN entered is not valid for payment at this trader (card type 00034). Please check which trader this PIN is to be used. More information is available on the card or go to Obviously needs to be fixed by one of the companies.

  4. I’m in Ottawa as well. Canada Post is listed as one of it’s retailers but when I went to a Canada Post retailer he had absolutely no idea what I was talking about and tried to sell me a prepaid Visa Gift Card insisting that it was the only kind of prepaid card they had. I was about to buy it but changed my mind at the last minute.

    I’ll try another retailer but paysafe may loose some business to Visa if this is the kind of experience that other people are having at Canada Post outlets.

  5. i just purchased a paysafecard from an approved merchant. entered the PIN on which says its accepts paysafecards and i keep getting an error “The PIN entered is not valid for payment at this trader (card type 00034). Please check which trader this PIN is to be used. “. i called paysafe customer service 1-855-263-6952 and they told me the card was activated and ready to use. even on the paysafecard site i verified the card balance and it shows as activated. what do i do now? i just wasted $50 canadian on this junk. i wish i read dinhvan’s post before i went and got this

  6. I went to the esso garage which is listed on the website as selling them and he assured me they don’t sell them very annoying. I live in Toronto goin to go back down and try get a pin I thought it was a card it’s not very clear.

  7. To Dinhvan, Greg or KT,
    Were your issues resolved after contacting Customer Service? And are you now able to purchase a Netload account using Paysafecard? Thanks!

  8. I bought 2 Paysafe cards at Canada Post last night. The person at the Post Office had no idea. Asked this individual to call another post office where I had bought before. She found it and printed vouchers out for me. Tried to use today and cards were cancelled for security reasons. Contacted support. Person says “this happens” in a very casual way. Please send us copies of the vouchers and we will rectify. Well….I paid $11 dollars on $200 dollars for this BS.
    Totally don’t recommend the service.

  9. I’m having this exact problem with them. I purchased my pins from a Canada Post outlet at Shoppers (where the girl had no idea what I was talking about and told me to buy a Vanilla card). I wish I had since when I went to pay for Netload, the pin was instantly disabled. I too at a casual response when I phoned that “it happens sometimes” and asked to email my receipt to them. Well… it’s been 10 days and the only response I got was that they were transferring my problem to someone else. Complete bullshit.

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